Pico Medical Marijuana Card

Need a professional medical doctor who specializes in treatments with medical marijuana. Medical marijuana can help a person in a variety of different diseases. Pico 420 doctor provides medical marijuana cards in Pico.

It is widely known that the most powerful medicinal plants around the world are banned or are strictly controlled. They cannot be sown or gathered without special permission. These are hemp and poppy. Taboos exist due to the fact that the active ingredients of these unique plants, in the long run, change the identity of the person for the worse. At short-term usage of the drug they perform on the various systems of the body salutary effects.

Medical marijuana is a hemp processing products with a high content of the biologically active substances used in the treatment by the doctor. Hemp plant is known as a medicine since the immemorial time. More precisely, it is known from 28 centauries before Christ.

Include or not to include cannabis in the conventional list of medicinal plants is an open question. Its medications suppress nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy restores appetite in patients with AIDS. Some combination of the active ingredients of cannabis is able to anesthetize or immobilize.

Marijuana can be used in various ways as an analgesic. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the main active ingredient of cannabis, it can be inhaled with the smoke, with the taking of tablets or as a sublingual spray. The tablet has an extremely weak analgesic effect, as opposed to cigarettes or spray. Their analgesic effects have been scientifically proven in the case of chronic pain of various origins (cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis). The problem with smoking is quite obvious: the efficiency depends on the type of plant, collection and preparation methods. This requires standardization of procedures.

Recreational use of marijuana is prohibited or severely restricted in the world. However, in some countries, natural and synthetic cannabis preparations approved for medical use. This is Canada, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Finland, and Portugal. And several US states.

One of the bioactive components of cannabis, cannabidiol is capable of preventing metastasis of breast cancer. Researchers in California believe that cannabidiol could be a good substitute for chemotherapeutic agents which are openly poisonous to the body, unlike cannabis.

The US administration allowed for medical use two cannabinoids: nabilone and dronabinol.

You can call the doctor today or make an appointment for a medical marijuana evaluation to get your medical marijuana card today.